Do Re Mi Fa So Laaaaaaaaaaa – why I love to sing

This week I did a guest-post for my new choir on why I love to sing. Now pinching it back for my own bloggety 🙂 There are many ways in which I love to sing. Laaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love pretending to be a rock star and singing Here I go again on my own in my … Continue reading “Do Re Mi Fa So Laaaaaaaaaaa – why I love to sing”

A musing

I don’t have anything burning my heart to write about today, so instead I’m going to put a voice to a musing which pops into my mind sometimes. I don’t even have a plan for what to write. But here goes – let’s see what happens. I’ve been challenged lots of times to make conscious … Continue reading “A musing”

Come to me my Melon Cauli Baby

Today for my blog I have made un petit film Francais called “Come to me my Melon Cauli Baby”. You can see it here: Here is the story behind it, in brief. I was feeling sad on Monday, and to cheer myself up I put on a new record I bought at a flea … Continue reading “Come to me my Melon Cauli Baby”

A bout of brain vs heart

I had planned to write a funny blog this week about a Sunny project. However, it is still a surprise so I can’t yet. So I’m going to write one that is much harder to write. One that fits with my aim of honesty, of wiping away the veneer of excellentness and sanity. As I’ve … Continue reading “A bout of brain vs heart”

Which fruit are you?

From watermelon, to raspberry, to peach. Here we have the various fruit-guises of Sunny Carter. Some may find this comical, as well may you know that I am not strictly a 5-a-day fruit and veg person. More like 5-a-month. Unless hummus counts as a vegetable. Before I start, gotta admit this isn’t my own idea. … Continue reading “Which fruit are you?”